Introduction to Regulation

Ethos CRS has the knowledge and expertise to help make your agency a more effective regulator. Our Introduction to regulation workshop is our foundation course for officers who are new to the regulatory environment. The workshop equips new regulators with the theoretical and practical knowledge they need to develop, implement and monitor their regulatory solutions.

In a rapidly changing environment, governments face the challenge of regulating to minimise harms while trying to apply a light regulatory touch. A tension exists between the idea that governments should limit intervention in the affairs of citizens, businesses and markets, yet step in whenever harm threatens. You need staff who can effectively navigate these tensions and Ethos CRS can help build capacity in this regard.

Workshops on tangible skills that reduce harms

  • Core concepts in regulation
  • Regulatory design and development
  • Governance, decision-making
    and regulatory discretion
  • Advanced regulatory thinking:
    posture and maturity
  • Strategic regulation:
    effective interventions in a complex environment
  • Contemporary compliance strategies
  • Risk-based regulation
  • Crisis management and planning
  • Effective regulatory writing
  • ‘Nudge’ and regulatory practice
  • Administrative law
  • Monitoring, compliance and evaluation
  • Enforcement awareness
  • Regulatory advice and guidance
  • Statutory interpretation
  • Performance evaluation
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