Principles of clear writing

Professionals require a skills training program and follow-up coaching that will equip staff with the skills to:

  • draft documents that meet a clear purpose and that are coherently and effectively structured
  • draft professional documents that present concepts and information effectively, accurately and precisely
  • write in a tone and style that caters for, and appropriately influences, defined audiences.

Participants must be able to articulate consistent messages that are aligned to organisational priorities. They must develop concrete techniques that enable them to produce professional documents that are free of common faults and errors.

Our Principles of clear writing workshop develops the insights, awareness, skills and techniques that will enable participants to produce more effective documents. The program comprises two elements:

  • First, we deliver the Principles of clear writing workshop, which includes pre- and post-workshop activities.
  • Then, we deliver customised, one-on-one or small-group coaching sessions to work on documents and specific learning requirements.

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