Powerful and persuasive presentations

Being able to put together a persuasive presentation is something we all do in our careers. Crafting and present persuasive arguments verbally in a way that is engaging and compelling is a skill that every professional should have.

The ability to present a clear, confident argument allows you to represent an agency’s position and influence decisions effectively. Compelling arguments produce effective policy advice and impact how you engage with stakeholders to promote ideas and projects.

Ethos CRS's Persuasive and powerful presentations explores techniques to build a clear argument and to present it in an engaging way that accounts for the audience and the purpose.

The workshop combines principles of classical rhetoric—ethos, pathos and logos—with techniques in voice projection, intonation and articulation. Participants acquire a set of practical skills that build their confidence to present complex information clearly and expertly.

Workshops on giving powerful presentations

  • Speaking effectively as a professional
  • Giving the keynote address
  • PowerPoint and handling questions
  • Appearing before Senate Estimates and
    parliamentary committees
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