Writing for government

For professionals who want to have an impact and introduce real change, writing for government offers unlimited opportunities.

At the heart of good writing is a clear understanding of what it is that you want to do. What is the ultimate outcome you are looking for? What are the real-world implications of what you are proposing? Understand this and you gain the license to explore ideas, test theories and deliver results.

Decisions made by governments affect everyone every day and governments make decisions based on the written advice they receive. Writing for government carries with it both great opportunity and great responsibility. The best writing leads to the best results and good results create greater public value and generate confidence and certainty for business and industry.

Your writing can make a difference, but you must have the skills and knowledge to craft accurate, compelling, high-quality documents.

That's where Ethos CRS can help.

Our Writing for government workshop draws on the first-hand experiences of former senior executive service officers and political advisers. We base our training material on the real-world examples of professionals who have worked in prime ministers' offices and at the highest levels of the public service. Our professionals recognise positive results that good writing for the government can deliver and know the pitfalls that poor writing can impose.

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Documents that just make sense

  • Principles of clear writing
  • Writing for the minister: briefs and QTBs
  • Meeting briefs and talking points
  • Briefs for Senate Estimates committees
  • Persuasive reports and business cases
  • Effective letters and emails
  • Accurate case notes and records
  • Influential documents for scientists
  • Clear writing for IT specialists
  • Writing an amazing speech
  • Writing influential business documents
  • Creating a clear writing culture

Engaging with clients, stakeholders and the media

  • Transforming confrontation into
    effective conversations
  • Introduction to stakeholder engagement
  • Advanced stakeholder engagement
  • Negotiation and representation skills
  • Working with ministers and governments
  • Developing an effective communications
    and engagement plan
  • Strategic communications
  • Engaging audiences using social media
  • Defensive interview skills:
    answering tough questions
  • Media releases and talking points
  • Advanced media skills for leaders
  • Engaging the media and managing a crisis:
    capability and preparedness

Giving powerful speeches and presentations

  • Speaking effectively as a professional
  • Giving the keynote address
  • PowerPoint and handling questions
  • Appearing before Senate Estimates and
    parliamentary committees
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