Compelling briefs and correspondence

Clear and compelling documents convey complex ideas in a way that is accessible and influential. For professionals to produce clear documents, a particular set of skills is needed—skills that can be learned and perfected.

Our Compelling briefs and correspondence workshop provides participants with practical skills and techniques to present information clearly and in a way that is accessible to the intended audience. The workshop provides models and tools to shape and structure text so it influences identified audiences for all the right reasons, and communicate policies, services and programs more effectively.

The results are documents that capture and keep readers’ attention and convey the precise information readers need.

Workshops on briefs and correspondence

  • Principles of clear writing
  • Writing for the minister: briefs and QTBs
  • Meeting briefs and talking points
  • Briefs for Senate Estimates committees
  • Persuasive reports and business cases
  • Effective letters and emails
  • Accurate case notes and records
  • Influential documents for scientists
  • Clear writing for IT specialists
  • Writing an amazing speech
  • Writing influential business documents
  • Creating a clear writing culture
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