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30 March, 2016

At 36,000 feet, no one hears ministers scream

Imagine your minister getting on the red-eye flight from Perth. Leaves Perth at 0.40 am and arrives in, say, Melbourne five hours later. Think about this person and imagine their circumstances and condition. At this time of night, all ministers will have put in a 16 hour day. Most will […]
30 March, 2015

Thoughts on Whitlam

A younger Annabell Turnbull of Ethos CRS sits at the feet of Whitlam second from the right. Gough Whitlam’s memorial service was held last year. Seven prime ministers were in attendance and paid their respects. Noel Pearson delivered a wonderful eulogy. He spoke in a way that made us pause […]
30 October, 2014
hard work

Leading a team is damned hard work

Leading a team, even in good times, is no easy task. Damn it, staff are funny that way, reluctant to play the role of pawns to be directed, manipulated and sacrificed as required. In challenging times, when the stakes and pressure are higher, leaders come into their own. Leadership is […]
30 September, 2014
Mary Quilty

There’s something about Mary

Passionate rower, expert on Adam Smith, one-time national director of ChilOut, a community group whose focus is the safety and well being of children locked in detention centres, Dr Mary Quilty is a polymath, and a great facilitator. When did you start facilitating? I started facilitating about five years ago. […]
7 July, 2014

Interview with Tony Turner

Tony Turner has travelled the world as an actor and expert facilitator. At Ethos CRS his speciality is presentation and communication skills. Where is the greatest place that acting/presenting/performing has taken you? I did a voice conference at the Royal Shakespeare Company about ten years ago. We performed on stage […]
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