5 May, 2020

Top tips—working from home for six weeks

After working from home for six weeks, we’ve all learnt so much. Here are the standouts: Replace your commute to work with a start routine. Something that helps your brain engage with the challenge of another workday. Resist the lure of the dark side. Prepare food and snacks before work […]
6 April, 2020

Death, policy and difficult choices

Somewhere, in a bunker, Death is running simulations. In this grim work, it is opposed by a team of public servants who must advise the government on what, at this time, a good government should do. Sort of red team/blue team but for far higher stakes. Death and the task […]
2 April, 2020

Update on virtual deliveries

We’re moving to deliver content in a virtual environment and focusing on the essentials: Effective writing as a professional Communicating in a virtual environment Media and presentation skills for crisis managers Mental strength, resilience and performance for managers Protecting teams and building resilience Managing teams remotely Clear thinking and problem […]
2 April, 2020

Ethos CRS can support you at home

We know three things. The first thing is that we are all working remotely. We are all working quickly to solve new problems. Finally, all of us, teams and managers alike, are all working under professional and personal pressure. We don’t pretend that Ethos CRS has got all the answers […]
2 April, 2020

In times of deepest trouble

The United States Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in 2014 outlined the principles and practical tools of crisis and emergency communication. CDCP articulated six principles of crisis communications: Be first: Crises are time-sensitive. Communicating information quickly is almost always important. For members of the public, the first source of […]
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