Economics for non-economists

If, in the work of your organisation, the language and ideas of the economist—e.g. discount rates and constant prices, economic rent and opportunity cost, and competitive markets and externalities—leave you confused and frustrated, Economics for non-economists is the workshop for you.

Economics is a discipline at the centre of public policy. At its heart is the notion that goods and services are provided under conditions of constraint. Good governments always consider the economics of a particular issue and their analysis is not just confined to budgets, numbers and accounting. If you understand and apply economics, you deal yourself and your organisation a very powerful hand.

Beyond markets, numbers and accounting, Ethos CRS provides insights into how behavioural economics and the use of ‘nudge’ can be a powerful tool in a policy maker’s toolkit.

Policy insights that make a better world

  • Introduction to policy
  • Advanced policy skills
  • Strategic policy: developing and
    implementing policy in a dynamic environment
  • Evaluating policy and programs
  • Program design and implementation
  • Nudge theory: positive outcomes
    with minimum interventions
  • Economics for non-economists
  • Science, policy and influence:
    presenting evidence to decision-makers
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