Introduction to policy

In Ethos CRS's Introduction to policy workshop, participants discover how their organisation develops and implements policy, and provides advice to government. They gain a step-by-step knowledge of the policy process and an improved capacity to develop policies that meet the needs of elected governments.

Our facilitators have worked and developed policy at all levels of government for prime ministers, ministers and statutory authorities. Grounded in this experience, our Introduction to policy workshop uses real-world problems to underpin the theory. We use examples from your department or agency’s portfolio to create a relevant learning experience.

Policy insights that make a better world

  • Introduction to policy
  • Advanced policy skills
  • Strategic policy: developing and
    implementing policy in a dynamic environment
  • Evaluating policy and programs
  • Program design and implementation
  • Nudge theory: positive outcomes
    with minimum interventions
  • Economics for non-economists
  • Science, policy and influence:
    presenting evidence to decision-makers
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