Introduction to cost-benefit analysis

All policy and program officers face the challenge of determining which possible policy solution generates the best result for society. How we go about deciding which policy is ideal is done through a cost–benefit analysis that compares all of the available choices.

Our Introduction to cost-benefit analysis workshop provides officers with the insights to evaluate or develop a cost-benefit analysis effectively. Participants work through scenarios to apply new concepts and develop valuable, realistic and sound hypothetical solutions.

Workshop summary


After attending Introduction to cost-benefit analysis, participants will be able to:

  • understand the principles that underpin the use of a cost–benefit analysis
  • understand the strengths and weaknesses of a cost–benefit analysis
  • assess the rigor and value of completed cost-benefit analyses
  • undertake a simple cost-benefit analysis.

Target audience

  • Officers who must use or engage with cost-benefit analysis in their work


  • Face-to-face, two-day workshop
  • Alternatively, this workshop can be delivered as 4 3-hour virtual sessions

Pre-workshop preparation

  • Pre-workshop activities including selected readings and discussion points with colleagues and managers.

Post-workshop resources and support

  • All participants receive a set of customised workshop materials – workbook and resources.
  • All participants complete a post-workshop action plan that will assist them to put learned techniques into practice.
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