Ethos CRS TV

26 May, 2020

eLearning and performance

eLearning is often considered a tolerated evil—widely used but poorly delivered. Chief Executive Officer of Ethos CRS, Chas Savage, explains the simple rules Ethos CRS follows to design eLearning programs that deliver real and positive change.
26 May, 2020

Communicating in a crisis

How organisations and individuals go about communicating in a crisis is critical to how the media and the public respond. Senior facilitator with Ethos CRS, former journalist and media advisor, Kate Wall shares her insights on how to deliver an […]
26 May, 2020

Understanding Zoom for virtual training

Having trouble understanding Zoom? Watch Ethos CRS’s Patrick Quinn Quirke talks through the basics of Zoom so you can get the most out of one
26 May, 2020

The Cruel Sea: Leadership during a time of crisis

The Cruel Sea is the story of the Battle of the Atlantic, which was fought between Britain and Nazi Germany during the Second World War. It tells of an ocean, two ships—HMS Compass Rose and HMS Saltash Castle—and a handful […]
26 May, 2020

Adapting management systems

Project management is a useful tool to ensure work is completed on time, on budget and to the required standard. Just because we cannot be working alongside our project team does not mean that projects cannot be successful.
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