How to create a high performing team

Just as leaders need specific skills, so do the individuals who make up teams. Effective teams think critically and creatively, communicate clearly with internal and external audiences, focus on what is organisationally important, and review and carefully manage risk. Importantly, a great team comprises professionals who lead in their roles—and who want to complete business more effectively. In How to Create a High Performing Team Ethos CRS delivers a coherent program of activities and scenarios that build skills, techniques and insights—and lift team performance. Informed by decades of experience in the public and private sector, Ethos CRS delviers a comprehensive workshop that will give you a clear roadmap to building and maintaining a high performing team.

Leaders who create value

Interventions for specific levels
  • Essential skills for new managers
  • Leaderships skills for senior managers
  • Strategic leadership—insights and skills
  • Executive and staff coaching
  • 360 degree feedback for executives
Specialist workshops for leaders
  • Accountability, ethics and integrity
  • Creating a high-performing team
  • Effective management conversations
  • Leadership: clear thinking and analysis
  • Managing change as a leader
  • DISC behavioural evaluations for leaders

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