3 August, 2020

How have we fared in 2020?

We capture and read every one of our post-workshop evaluation forms. Simply because we want the best for our clients—consistent high-quality deliveries and continuous improvement of programs. So how have we fared so far in 2020? In 2020 Ethos CRS has delivered 119 workshops. The biggest change for us is […]
3 August, 2020

Top tip

This month’s top tip comes from our Senior Adviser and Facilitator, Mary Harwood. The more pressured your job as a leader, the more value in enjoying something outside work which engages your body and soul—which makes your heart sing. It might be music, family, meditation, sport, dancing, volunteering, craft—anything which […]
3 August, 2020

Women in leadership webinar

Society has been conditioned to favour male leaders, forcing women to navigate the working world around these subconscious expectations and ideas. When tough words are said by a woman they are often seen as bossy, yet when those same words are said by a man, they are seen as strong […]
3 August, 2020

WomenWise™ is back for August

WomenWise™ is forum for mid-career women in Canberra. We welcome women from diverse backgrounds to share experiences and ideas on handling the challenges they face in the workplace. After a break during lock-down, WomenWise™ is resuming face-to-face meetings, in a new venue, starting in August 2020. In a relaxed setting, […]
1 July, 2020

Understanding cause and effect

Recently, President Trump showed the world his novel interpretation of cause and effect when he told the world that more testing for COVID-19 results in more cases: I don’t kid. Let me just tell you—let me make it clear: We have got the greatest testing program anywhere in the world. […]
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