2 April, 2020

Working from home—Top tips

Working from home? Ethos CRS has put together a list of the tips of how to make the most of working from home during the pandemic. Start the day right Get ready for the day as you normally would. Wake up at the same time each day, shower and dress […]
24 March, 2020

The language of emergencies

The Prime Minister has not had a good summer. Transformed in the space of a month into a piñata, he has been much criticised. This is not good because in a democracy we are better served by prime ministers who are respected for their words and deeds. Some free advice […]
2 March, 2020

Consciously managing and creating benefit

Between the idea And the reality Between the motion And the act Falls the Shadow The Hollow Men, T. S. Eliot   Organisations run projects to achieve … something. Time and resources are spent on projects and project teams. Despite this, according to the Project Management Institute, only 69 per […]
2 March, 2020


In January 2020, sick of being force-fed the idiocies of Sky News Australia that are broadcast non-stop in Qantas lounges, we wrote to Qantas. In the back of our mind was the statement made by Qantas that they recognise human-induced climate change as a significant issue for the aviation industry. […]
2 March, 2020

Thoughtful public service and Sportsrorts

Reasonable and decent people have cause to be horrified at the unfolding disaster that is Sportsrorts. Millions and millions of taxpayer dollars spent according to sly and crooked criteria and a process that defines bad faith administration. Ministers and ministerial advisers in the thick of things. Whatever happened to responsible […]
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