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3 May, 2016

A tip on active and passive voice

It’s a long-standing rule of clear writing that we prefer the active voice, an authority no less than George Orwell included it in his seminal essay, […]
30 March, 2016

At 36,000 feet, no one hears ministers scream

Imagine your minister getting on the red-eye flight from Perth. Leaves Perth at 0.40 am and arrives in, say, Melbourne five hours later. Think about this […]
30 March, 2015

Thoughts on Whitlam

A younger Annabell Turnbull of Ethos CRS sits at the feet of Whitlam second from the right. Gough Whitlam’s memorial service was held last year. Seven […]
30 October, 2014
hard work

Leading a team is damned hard work

Leading a team, even in good times, is no easy task. Damn it, staff are funny that way, reluctant to play the role of pawns to […]
30 September, 2014
Mary Quilty

There’s something about Mary

Passionate rower, expert on Adam Smith, one-time national director of ChilOut, a community group whose focus is the safety and well being of children locked in […]
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