3 September, 2020


Eulogy comes from the ancient Greek: eu for ‘well’ or ‘true’, logia for ‘words’ or ‘text’. The general meaning is speech that praises a person or, sometimes, a thing. The focus of the speaker is on the good character and works of a person who has died. A eulogy therefore […]
3 September, 2020

Top tips from our Women in leadership webinar

Last month, three experienced professionals sat down to discuss the topic women in leadership. The discussion was lively and insightful. Here are some top tips from each of our panellists. On finding support Find your support network, have a diverse group, whether it is online or with colleagues or with […]
3 September, 2020

Transition from face-to-face to virtual

We have completely redesigned our workshop delivery model to cater to the needs of 2020. Since April we have delivered the majority of our programs as virtual workshops. How have we measured the transition? After each of our workshops we ask our participants to complete an evaluation form to let […]
3 September, 2020

Two big webinars coming up

On Thursday 24 September and 7 October 2020, we are running two big webinars on topics that are piping hot! Why integrity matters to individuals and…organisations On 24 September, we look at integrity, probity and organisational effectiveness—or how making good decisions in a proper way makes organisations work better. It’s […]
3 August, 2020

New! Public workshops coming up

Since March, our training team has turned our face-to-face workshops into effective, exciting and engaging virtual workshops. Starting this September, we will be offering a calendar program of virtual workshops to the public. We’ll be rolling out our Essentials skills suite of workshops. There will be workshops for everyone—project management, […]
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