24 October, 2018

Dear admins: You are the heart of your company

Administration in any company is not the most exciting, appealing or life-changing role. It’s a role that many may not feel overly proud of. Days can be slow, long and draining and they’re often filled with monotonous, repetitive tasks I’m sure we’re all familiar with. File this, throw out that. […]
9 October, 2018

How to describe a bridge and other uses of grammar

Ah, grammar. It structures how we communicate, giving us the rules for how to describe and articulate ideas and concpets. You either love it or loathe it. More likely than not, your sentiments are the latter … and in many ways, it isn’t your fault! After it was practically wiped […]
26 September, 2018

On ‘nother’ and why it is the best word

You might think you’ve never heard this word … and you’re probably quite sure that you’ve never said this word … But you’re probably also wrong. Let’s set the scene: It’s Thursday and you’re on your lunch break. Your workmate says, ‘We’d better get back to work.’ You sigh and say, ‘I […]
10 September, 2018

The benefits of a cost benefit analysis

Allocating resources, goods and services efficiently is vitally important to government. Cost benefit analysis can help policy-makers consider consequences and costs when assessing the value of new policy. Essential to conducting a good cost-benefit analysis is determining what factors must be included. What benefits and costs are relevant? What is the alternative if […]
23 August, 2018

Our name and that funny η

How did we come up with the name Ethos and what is that funny η that appears after our name in our logo? Ethos CRS was set up by CEO, Chas Savage, in 2005 and initially started as a speechwriting service. Our name comes from Aristotle who said that audiences […]
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