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19 February, 2017

Worst sentence ever

Ever wonder what’s behind the Ethos CRS magic? Here’s an example of how we deconstruct bad writing—and put it back together again. Take a look at […]
15 February, 2017
In terms of [sic] a clear speaking alert

In terms of [sic] a clear speaking alert

‘In terms of the meeting, we made a number of important decisions.’ What’s wrong with this sentence? It’s active, complete, and properly punctuated…What could it be? […]
7 February, 2017
Trump communicates

The Magic of Trump

Donald Trump amazed us all and became President of the United States. You may, like us, be a little baffled by this but, when we delved […]
3 February, 2017

When negotiations go wrong

Photograph credit: The Mirror http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/donald-trump-australian-prime-minister-9742641 The phone call between US President Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull offers us a unique and contemporary insight into […]
25 January, 2017

Clear and elegant legal writing: A miracle!

Well, colour us impressed! The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom released a press summary yesterday and by George, we got it! The writer presented complex […]
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