9 October, 2020

Language: dead or just sleeping?

Does a language ever really die? Surely, we do not yet understand the vitality of Etruscan, Linear A or Harappan. But does ‘dying’ accurately describe more contemporary endangered languages? ‘Dying’ or ‘extinct’ forecasts a dire future that rules out any […]
8 October, 2020

Engaging millennials – it’s all about concise communication

By 2025, millennials will be the largest group in the global workforce. In Australia they will represent almost three in every four workers. Understanding their mindset and developing communication strategies that engage and motivate them is a key challenge for […]
1 October, 2020

A style manual is born

We’ve waited 18 years, but now a new authoritative style manual has come. If you don’t mind us blowing our own trumpet, Ethos CRS is pretty pleased to have researched and written content as lead authors. The Australian Government Style […]
1 October, 2020

Free workshop on writing style

On 11 and 12 November 2020 Ethos CRS offers a free guided tour of the Australian Government Style Manual, The essentials of Australian Government style writing. In two virtual sessions, you work with an expert facilitator to: understand and follow […]
1 October, 2020

Webinar – everything about clear writing

Getting writing style right as a professional is hard work. So to help and inspire you, we offer a stellar cast of experts. Canberra-based author of Scrublands and Silver, Chris Hammer; director of the Australian National Dictionary Centre, Dr Amanda […]
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