12 December, 2016

Writing effective emails

As a professional you write emails all the time. They are the most commonly written documents. But they exist halfway between a conversation and a formal letter. So what’s good practice for writing effective emails? Why am I writing this? Before you start typing, ask yourself ‘Why am I emailing […]
4 November, 2016

Style tip: writing the date

Get the date right. And if you want to get it right, just follow Commonwealth style – not US conventions, not formats from Uzbekistan. In Australia, the date follows a specific formula: date month year: 9 December 2010 This is the format you should use in general documents. The convention […]
4 November, 2016

One cracker tip for managers and leaders

Very often professionals are promoted because of their outstanding technical skills. They are great at what they do. Managing is different, however. Managers have to direct a team to achieve the best possible outcome. Managers can’t do everything themselves; and those who try create dysfunctional teams. The job of a […]
1 November, 2016


Because dollars are at a premium, our clients are taking a keen interest in ensuring that a training program generates tangible results. We’ve gone to a lot of effort to develop courses and interventions that actually change behaviour for the better in in the work place. We do this by […]
21 October, 2016

As a leader, know thyself, improve performance, engage constructively

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