18 October, 2016

Social media in business, and how it is governed

  As society continues to climb the mountain that is today’s information age, we focus more and more on the importance of social media as a communication tool, not only for individuals, but also for organisations of all shapes and sizes. The dramatic fashion in which digital communication has arrived […]
1 October, 2016

Writing about data: three rules

Lies, damned lies and statistics is the old saw about how numbers and data are abused to make a point. Our job, on the other hand, is to make a point clearly and precisely. When working with numbers and data, follow a few simple rules. Rule 1: Define your purpose. […]
3 June, 2016

Negotiation is the art of letting them have your way

Few of us earn a living negotiating agreements with presidents, prime ministers or dictators. But most of us in our daily lives negotiate agreements with our bosses, colleagues, business partners, lovers, husbands, wives, and tradesmen who are repair our roof or replace out gas heater. All of us will be […]
21 May, 2016

A tip for presenting: speak louder!

There is one comment that always comes up in our Presentation skills courses: Speak louder! If you’re speaking in front of a room full of people, with or without a microphone, it’s likely that you’re not speaking loudly enough. We naturally become quieter when we’re in a stressful situation, we […]
3 May, 2016

A tip on active and passive voice

It’s a long-standing rule of clear writing that we prefer the active voice to the passive voice, an authority no less than George Orwell included it in his seminal essay, Politics and the English Language. So can we ever use passive? Well, the passive voice is useful in scientific and […]
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